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Compressed Air Energy Storage Technology by Dresser-rand

Dresser-rand SMARTCaES®  Compressed air Energy Storage (CAES) Solutions With the rapid increase of renewable energy deployment, SMARTCAES technology is fast becoming the solution of choice for bulk, flexible, fast response, and long duration energy storage.  SMARTCAES technology provides a solution capable of rapid start-up, high turn-down ratio, and ramp rate, simultaneously operating in compression and generation mode and starting completely isolated from the grid.

A typical SMARTCAES system consists of independent compressor and turboexpander equipment trains. The SMARTCAES packaged equipment trains are modular and comprise turboexpanders, generators, compressors, a motor with variable frequency drive, gearbox, turning gears, and couplings.

The SMARTCAES system offering also incorporates all auxiliary subsystems including an inlet air filter system, fast-acting compressor and expander control valves, air and water heat exchangers, fuel conditioning skid, integrated recuperator and selective catalytic reduction system with exhaust stack, transformers, switchgear, black start back-up generation, a plant-wide control system, and grid dispatch interconnection software.


To learn more, download Dresser-rand's SMARTCAES paper. 

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